Often times, multiple images and exposures need to be combined to truly capture look, feel & mood.


There are several different techniques to create images that are difficult to take with a single capture. Compositing images greatly expands creative possibilities and is key in many low-light, mixed light and other difficult lighting scenarios. 








Mississippi riverboat  |  Memphis, TN




RIVErside drive  |  Memphis, TN




sanatobia, ms




PC Music  |  Potts Camp, MS




The Cheesecake Factory  |  Memphis, TN




Ardent Studios  |  Memphis, TN




Rise Studios  |  Marion, AR




Exterior Lighting  |  Olive Branch, MS




Blind Bear Speakeasy  |  Memphis, TN




2015 Heritage Awards  |  Monroe, NC




zuster  |  Memphis, TN

*Photographer: Jeff Kaleta



Event Rental Showroom  |  Memphis, TN




Walking Bridge  |  Memphis, TN




2016 Memphis In May  |  Memphis, TN




May 2016, Red Ball Project  |  Memphis, TN